Greeting Dr. Markus Söder
Minister President of Bavaria

Augsburg’s Leopold Mozart was an excellent musician and composer. His greatest achievement, however, was the tireless support of his son Wolfgang, who, under Leopold’s guidance, began as an unusually gifted child and matured to become one of the greatest musical geniuses of all time. The International Violin Competition Leopold Mozart in Augsburg adheres to this concept. Gifted young instrumentalists become internationally recognized soloists.

Every three years, young musicians of outstanding talent meet in the German Mozart City of Augsburg to demonstrate their ability in a challenging competition programme. Having a command of Mozart is a matter of course here. But in addition, the young violinists must exhibit equal proficiency in the flawless interpretation of Bach as well as of contemporary music. The level is high and the jury not to be envied for its task. Augsburg will see and hear brilliant performances and once more be a springboard to success and great careers.

A warm welcome to the participants from all over the world and good luck in the competition!