1st International Violin Competition Leopold Mozart 1987

Mozart Prize – 1st Prize
Isabelle Faust
(Germany, *1972)

"The Leopold Mozart Competition will always be a wonderful memory for me as it was a definite turning point in my musical career. At that time – I was 15 years old and had experience only in chamber music - I had decided to “try my luck” in Augsburg as the youngest candidate to take part. It was well beyond my dreams, that I was able to achieve 1st place as the Award Winner. This opened all the doors for me as a solo concert performer. This success was the basis for the continual and natural development of my musical career which affords me constant pleasure in making music. I have never ceased to be amazed at the possibilities of this art! I am eternally grateful to the Leopold Mozart Competition for showing me the way! I hope that this competition continues to encourage and support the joy of music."

Isabelle Faust
1st Prize Winner of the 1st International Violin Competition Leopold Mozart 1987

2nd Prize
Sigrun Edvaldsdottir (Iceland, *1967)

3rd Prize ex aequo
Annette Behr-König (Germany, *1964)

3rd Prize ex aequo
Sang Mee Lee (USA, *1971)

Special Award
Drorit Valk (Israel, *1972)

Artistic Director
Klaus Volk

Josef Suk (Chairman)
Franz Samohyl
Renato De Barbieri
Herman Krebbers
Edith Peinemann
Ernö Sebestyén
Winfried Rüssmann