The Prizewinners of the 10th International Violin Competition Leopold Mozart 2019 - congratulations!

Joshua Brown (USA, *1999)
Mozart Prize - 1st Prize

Karisa Chiu (USA, *1999)
2nd Prize

Kaoru Oe (Japan, *1994)
3rd Prize

Photo banner: ( from left to right) Joshua Brown, Karisa Chiu, Kaoru Oe © Christian Menkel

Further Prizewinners of the 10th International Violin Competition Leopold Mozart


Welcome to the International Violin Competition Leopold Mozart Augsburg 2019!

The 10th International Violin Competition Leopold Mozart will be held from 31 May to 8 June 2019 in Augsburg. The competition is in honor of Leopold Mozart, who was born in Augsburg and who was an invaluable teacher to his famous son, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The year Wolfgang Amadeus was born, Leopold Mozart published his important Violin School in Augsburg. Thanks to historical performance practice, Leopold Mozart's Violin School has experienced a renaissance in recent years.

In the spirit of Leopold Mozart it is our vision to establish a close link through the international violin competition to the next generation of violinists. Our heartfelt thanks go to our members and sponsors, whose generosity makes it possible for us to achieve this goal together.


Isabelle Faust
1st Prize Winner of the 1st International Violin Competition Leopold Mozart 1987

"The Leopold Mozart International Violin Competition encouraged me to be inquisitive about how much there is to explore and learn in music. The quest continues and fulfills me as a musician!"
Isabelle Faust



A greeting from artistic director Linus Roth

“We’ve put heart and soul into our efforts to make the next Leopold Mozart Violin Competition a particularly outstanding event, also by international standards. The competition’s eponym Leopold Mozart sets the tone, uniquely innovative as he was and an exceptional advocate for future generations of musicians.

This competition has always been more than just a musically oriented contest. Under the artistic direction of my predecessors it has opened doors and been a source of inspiration for all participants, not only for the winning competitors.

Comparing and evaluating the art of musical interpretation is always a difficult endeavor. When we venture to do so within the structure of a competition, then with some innovations. The internationally outstanding jury is made up of persons from diverse areas of music and culture, not exclusively violinists. Current and former students of the jurors and the artistic director may not take part. The chamber music section of the program includes open rehearsals which are part of the evaluation. The compulsory piece, commissioned especially for the competition, is sure to challenge not only the skill of the violinists but also the listening habits of the public.

I’m looking forward to exciting, captivating musical personalities among the participants, the singularly enthusiastic Augsburg audience and a week of intensive musical impressions and encounters.”

Linus Roth, Artistic Director of the 10th International Violin Competition Leopold Mozart 2019


A greeting from executive director Simon Pickel

“Every year, the German Mozart Festival brings the brilliance of the international musical elite to Augsburg, Germany’s city of Mozart. In turn, the International Violin Competition Leopold Mozart is a wonderful opportunity for Augsburg’s charm and the warmth and hospitality of its citizens to be extended throughout the world by the young musicians taking part. Of course, we in the native city of Leopold Mozart, the father and teacher of Wolfgang Amadeus, want to extend the legacy of this outstanding music educator and, through a music competition of modern influence, show what a musician requires today in order to persist in the music world. With Isabelle Faust, Benjamin Schmid and Lena Neudauer, international stars have emerged from the Augsburg violin competition. We are excited to see who’ll be next!”

Simon Pickel, Executive Director of the 10th International Violin Competition Leopold Mozart 2019